Teacher Preparation

Information for your upcoming Kids Love Musicals!                   Two-Day Residency:

1. WATCHING THE MOVIE IN ADVANCE: You will receive DVD copies of the movies at your teacher meeting so that students can watch the videos prior to your KLM residency. Please return the DVDs to your teaching artist by the end of day two.

2. NAME-TAGS: Please ensure that each student has a name-tag on both days. This will help your teaching artist make great connections with your kids and assist in classroom management.

3. PARENT/GUARDIAN COMMUNICATION: Below wizis a parent flyer for each musical and a musical theater resource sheet for students who are interested in further exploration of theater arts. Please feel free to copy these to send home with your students.

KLM Parent Letter – Peter Pan
KLM Parent Letter – Cinderella
KLM Parent Letter – Jungle Book
KLM Parent Letter – Wizard of Oz
KLM Musical Theater Resources Guide

4. TEACHER EVALUATIONS: We’ve developed a new teacher questionnaire this year, and your teaching artist will give you hard copies on day-two of your residency. We also have an ONLINE format for the same form. Thanks for taking just a few minutes to give us your feedback; it helps so much to learn about your experience with the program!

KLM Teacher Survey