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Everything I Know About Life I Learned from Musical Theater

Bill Rudman has dedicated much of his life to sharing the deep pleasures (and wisdom) of this uniquely American art form. His 60-minute talk, which is filled with recorded examples spanning more than a half-century of our cultural history, challenges the view that a musical is merely a form of escapism.

Intergenerational Workshop:
Kids Love Musicals!

Kids Love Musicals! serves all generations through this exciting adaptation of our popular school program.  For kids, parents and grandparents, it creates a fun way to play and communicate ideas about growing up and following your dreams. For older adults, intergenerational programs are shown to enhance socialization, stimulate learning, increase emotional support and improve health. Children who participate in intergenerational programs improve academic performance and enhance social skills. Together, participants connect with each other through the characters and songs of classic American musicals.

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