Richard Rodgers: Command Performance


 A co-production of Harbinger Records and The Musical Theater Project            On sale now at Amazon!

During the 1920s, when a player piano was a proud feature of every fashionable home, the producers of piano rolls sought out the most celebrated entertainers of the day to preserve their own keyboard artistry on paper. Those entertainers were Broadway composers, and the rolls they produced were enormously popular not only for the music they contained, but for the seemingly direct connection they afforded listeners to the creative genius of George Gershwin, Jerome Kern and other masters.

In 1926-29, the twenty-something Richard Rodgers was creating delightful scores with lyricist Lorenz Hart – and re-creating the biggest hit tunes from those musicals for the American Piano Roll Company. His infectious performances have now been transferred to CD through digital technology on a Boesendorfer grand piano, providing an irresistible taste of Rodgers’s art in a foxtrot-crazed America.

Harbinger Records and The Musical Theater Project are proud to present Richard Rodgers: Command Performance, a CD edition of the composer’s historic piano rolls.

Songs on Richard Rodgers: Command Performance include “My Heart Stood Still,” “Mountain Greenery,” “The Blue Room,” “With a Song in My Heart” and a dozen more. Additional rare performances by Rodgers as pianist, conductor and vocalist are also included on the CD.

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