Celebrating You! TMTP Members

The following individuals have made annual contributions through the TMTP Membership program between July 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014.

Songwriter’s Circle ($1,000 and up)
Paul Brentlinger
Kathy Coleman
Robert Conrad
Robert and Eleanor Dreshfield
Howard Epstein and Gregg Levine
Richard Frey
Jo Ann Greiner
Tom and Betsy Gustafson
Elaine G. Hadden
Scott and Pamela Isquick
Bob and Linda Katz
Susan Kohn
Janet Kramer
Jami and Heather Meeker
John and Jean Piety
Roger and Jan Robinson
Bill Rudman
John and Barbara Schubert
Steve and Jackie Schultz
Dean and Beth Slejko
Lynn and Sheila Smith
Lorraine Szabo
Paul Vincent and Kathy Presciano
John and Margie Wheeler
James and Jane Wood

Producer ($500 and up)
Ed and Gay Addicott
Lois Armington
Bob and Dalia Baker
Bill and Viia Beechler
Dick and Karen Brubaker
Harry and Marge Carlson
Hank and Mary Doll
Chandler and Marsha Everett
Francine Gordon
Ashley Gustafson
Norm and Donna Harbert
Irving and Gloria Fine Foundation
Don and Marta Jack
Harold and Susan LaPine
John and Cathy Lewis
John and Kitty Makley
Mike and Lynn Miller
Steve and Amanda Morris
Les and Deb Nash
Ed and Caroline Oberndorf
Ed Pivcevich
Pete and Iris Pistell
Dick and Pat Pogue
James and Joan Quinn
Woody and Susie Reichert
James and Beverly Smeed
Ron and Sandra Taddeo
Linda Striefsky and Jim Carlson
Joseph and Guadalupe Warren

Headliner ($250 and up)
Tom and Susan Allen
Carl Aukerman
Wendy Baldikoski
Lewis Bernard
Libby Biggar
Glenn and Jeanette Brown
Joan Campbell
Ted and Jo Anna Chapin
Joie Cody
Richard Colbert
Robert R. Cutler, III
Lois Davis
Richard Day
Herbert Drower
Gerald Freedman
Max and Jane Friedman
Ernie and Deena Harburg
Joan Graham
Henry and Robin Hatch
Bill Jones
Carolyn Horn
Marjorie Juba
John Lennon
Ruth Lieberman
Virg Marino
Nancy McCormack
Lance and Leanna McGannon
Mike and Hedy Milgrom
Carolyn O’Neill
Jon and Jane Outcalt
Thom and Anne Palmer
Bob Page
Daniel and Grace Richards
Jim and Gann Roberts
Marcia Rogers
Larry Santon
Cynthia Scott
Dan and Priscilla Treadwell
Jack and Blanche Valancy

Broadway Baby ($120 and up)
Barrie Alves
Bruce and Judie Amsel
Teresa Andreani
Carol Arbaczewski
Margaret and Leeds Bird
Gary and Kay Bluhm
Michael and Carole Brown
Jane Campbell
Kathryn Carter
Ed Crabtree
Gene and Wendy Elconin
Joyce Feinberg
Ketti Finneran
Peggy Fullmer
Charles Greenwald
Bruce Hennes
Donald and Elizabeth Hoffman
Linda Hood
Mark Jacobs
David Kanzeg
Andrew Konick
Don Korb
Elaine Mintz
John and Cathy Moore
George and Carole Morris
Eddie and Kit Myers
Spencer Neth and Marjorie Kitchell
Michael and Barbara Peterman
Kermit and Joyce Pike
Mary Lou Pollak
Becky Smith
Pete and Heidi Spencer
Cynthia Stillings
Elizabeth Sweeney
Ramona Weber
Don Wheeler
Mike and Karen Zak

Rising Star ($60 and up)
Bonnie Barenholtz
Janet Barlow
Linda Barnett
Lynda Bender
Jeremy Benjamin
Robert and Phyllis Benjamin
Leigh and Mary Carter
Richard and Rosemary Corcoran
David and Nancy Cruikshank
Sharon Currier
Judy Darus
Anne Des Rosiers and Stephen Kadish
Kevin Devers
Marie Dietrich
Clarence and Connie Drennon
Dick and Deena Epstein
Patricia Esposito
Peter Faass
Daniel and Carol Fishwick
Archie and Ella Frame
Betty Fredman
Ralph and Carol Friedman
Steven and Harriet Friedman
Marguerite Gilbert
David and Barbara Goldstein
Marcy Kanner
Gilbert and Gail Kenehan
Maxine Koblenz
Martin Kolb and Sandra Kiely
James Krukones
Marilyn Meadows
Jim and Kathy Murphy
John and Georgia Nelson
Robert and Pamela Noll
Mary Osburn
Laura Palcisko
Diana Price and Pat Dooley
Ron Prosek and Judy Willour
Thomas and Helen Rathburn
James and Patricia Richards
Jo Ann Rogers
Roger and Sally Roman
Phillip Roscoe
Ray and Kit Sawyer
John Schambach
Fred and Mary Lou Sheplavy
Don and Elaine Sherman
Thomas Shim
Adrienne Siegel
Jay and Toby Siegel
Shirley Simmons
Marion Slejko
Marvin and Mimi Sobel
Bill Spatz
Vernon and Barbara Sponseller
David and Jane Steger
Jerald and Ellen Strand
Joseph and K.K. Sullivan
Ileen Tepper
Dave and Lyn Thomas
Rebecca Thomas
Harold and Ellen Ticktin
Joanne Uniatowski
Barbara Walker

Chorus Line ($35 and up)
Bruce and Gloria Abbott
Taylor Allen and Pam Snyder
Carolyn Alpert
John and Kathy Baker
Ruth Baker and Jordan Wexler
Marv and Fran Bauer
Henry and Lois Becker
Daniel and Barbara Berent
Victor Bernot and Alicia Ciliberto
Ralph Bertonaschi and Barbara Barstow
Marianne Bican
Fred and Ellen Bishko
Marsha Blond
Jim and Mary Burns
Josephine Calabretta
Sheila Campbell
Patrick Carpenter
Tom Coogle
Lois Cook
Clancy and Carolyn Danielson
Deena Davis
Bonnie Dolin
Jeffrey Dross and Michele LaDouceur
Bob and Corinne Dunn
Lynn and Erwin Edelman
Loretta Eichenberg
Gerald and Shulamith Erenberg
Sol Factor
Chris Faiver
Ed and Naomi Feil
Roberta Feinstein
Keith Filip
Claire Frattare
Ann Freimuth
Howard and Pat Friedman
Jay and Hope Fromson
Delores Gair
Laurelee Gillen
Gwen Glazer
Harry Gleeson and Lainie DeMore
Nancy Glende
Eugene and Eileen Gordon
Shirley Gordon
Robert Graf
Charles and Linda Gruenspan
Daniel and Christine Hahn
Lesley Hahn
Sanford Halpert and Jo Ann Millman
James and Doreen Harris
Jim and Carolyn Herman
Edwina Horvat
Brittany Jackson
Jodith Janes
Mary Jatlow
Bruce and Ann Jones
Steven Kaplan
Lois Katovsky
Ileen Kelner
Jerry and Karen Ketchaver
Ken and June Kiner
Maureen Klein
Martin Kohn and Marcia Silver
Catherine Kovanda
Jim and Debra LaPierre
Mary Anne Hurley Leon
Victor and Rachel Lesser
Renee Lieberman
Norty and Joni London
J.J. Louttit
Christopher Maurer
Larry Miley
Marion Miller
Jim and Mary Mulholland
John Nestra
Joan Orr
Judith Palay
David and Judie Perelman
Joanne Poderis
Barbara Pophal
Edward and Janet Reichek
Elaine Rembrandt
Marilyn Repasky
Lois Resnick
Tom Rose
Beth Rosenbloom
Amy Rosenfield
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schaeffer
Ira Schobel
Robert Schuler
Earl and Vivien Sevin
Melanie Shakarian
Ronna Sherman
Estelle Shore
Gregory and Bela Shteinhauz
Gustave and Frances Skapek
Jacob and Carole Slepian
Steve Smith
Mary Solomon
Marcia Spiro
Edward Stevens
Barbara Strauss
Allan and Georgia Swanson
Jan Swetel
Sherrie Szalay
George Thomas
Kate Waits
Churchill and Evelyn Ward
Rachel Wayne Nelson
Jim and Molly Weaver
Marilyn Weinke
Annabelle Weiss
Donald and Ruth Wetzel
Margaret Widmar
Janet Wieselthier
Alan and Phyllis Wolk
James Yasinow

We’ve made every attempt to accurately list contributions made between July 1, 2013 and March 31, 2014. Please call 216-529-9411 regarding any omissions or misspellings and accept our sincere apologies. Thank you for your commitment to The Musical Theater Project!