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TMTP is spending Valentine’s Day at Lakewood hot spot, Vosh. Guests can enjoy an award-winning meal and signature cocktails over an evening of festive song in Anything You Can Do: The Big Battle of the Sexes. Joining Bill Rudman and Nancy Maier on stage is real-life husband and wife team Joe and Kelly Monaghan, who are anxious to settle the score. We asked them a few questions about married life and sharing the spotlight.

Q: You’ve been performing together for years. What’s it like being onstage with your spouse?



Kelly: So much fun! To know that Joe is always there to have my back no matter what happens is wonderful.
Joe: Nothing is more enjoyable, whether it’s playing opposite her in a production or singing duets while driving in the car. And now our whole family performs together at times.

Q: What song are you most looking forward to in Anything You Can Do and why?



Kelly: “A Fine Romance” is a very special song for us. We have a version of Ella Fitzgerald singing it and we listened to it over and over on our Honeymoon.
Joe: I have to agree with Kelly here. I love “A Fine Romance” – a wonderful song with a lot of memories attached to it.

Q: Anything You Can Do is subtitled The Big Battle of the Sexes. Is there a clear winner?

Kelly: Is there really any question? (Laughing) No matter what happens, I will cherish this experience always.
Joe: Before I answer, let me contemplate how comfortable our couch is…In truth, though, if happiness is the prize I think we’ve both won. Just don’t expect me to “give in” too easily on stage, even if it IS Valentine’s Day!

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February 6th: “I Am What I Am”                                                                                         We’ll hear from 15 men and women (plus a few kids) who have some bold statements to make about who they are.

February 13th: “Questions Worth Asking”                                                                      Musical theater songs with question marks in their titles … and they’re concerned with everything from the American Dream to reincarnation.

February 20th: “Breaking Up Is Hard (or Not!)”                                                          An hour of songs about men and women who must go it alone. See how they cope!

February 27th: “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”                                                Three topics we ponder every day of our lives … and Berlin, Sondheim, Kander and Ebb, and Jerry Herman lead the pack of wonderful writers.

Catch Footlight Parade in Cleveland on WCLV 104.9 every Saturday at 6pm.
You can also stream our Footlight Parade archives!

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News from Kids Love Musicals!

KLM Pic3CWRU Study Finds Kids Love Musicals! to be a Valuable Tool for Student Success 

As TMTP piloted Kids Love Musicals! in special education classrooms last year with curriculum based on the 1939 classic movie musical The Wizard of Oz, we knew evidence was key to demonstrating the program’s benefit. In surveys, teachers expressed awe at individual student accomplishments. Yet how could we objectively measure the intangible effects of theater-based education in each classroom or school, especially in a population of students with a considerable range of complex learning challenges and delays?

Like Dorothy, we made new friends and journeyed together. Through a unique community-university research partnership with Case Western Reserve University’s Schubert Center for Child Studies, a contract with the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts VSA Program, and support from The John P. Murphy Foundation, Martha Holden Jennings Foundation and generous individuals, we have evidence from our study that musical theater can be an exceptionally effective classroom tool.

To read more about this nationally significant arts education study, click HERE.

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